The Surf’n’Roll workshop enjoys highest reputation: Christoph Mallinger and his team (Chris Kronreif, Andreas Tentschert, all very experienced and professional musicians) together with the Caminosurf team will mix the right Surf’n’Roll cocktail at the Camino Surfcamp Galicia for you. Ingredients: Music, surfing, fun, rhythm, improvisation, timing, nature, sun, sea, waves, sounds, motivation, soul, spirit, training, enthusiasm, passion…

Camino Surfcamp Galicia SurfnRoll Saxophone Karaoke EN

Surf’n’Roll brings together surfing and music – a combination rooted deeply within the ancient polynesian tradition of waveriding and nowadays even known to the furthest landlocked longshore lubber thanks to Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” and Jack Johnson, to name a few. In practicing both, you will experience the positive influence of a clear sense of rhythm when learning new sequences of motion, which is just one of the most obvious effects.
Music and surfing are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and motivation, sharing the one most important factor: both are heaps of fun! And this is what every Surf’n’Roll workshop is built around.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia SurfnRoll Guitar playing girls Karaoke EN

This workshop at Camino Surfcamp Galicia is tailored specifically to the needs and wants of you, the participants. Instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels are welcome. We will work on known and famous songs and standards, and will offer you tips and tricks to write your own songs, arrange them for ensemble and improvise over them.

Surf’n’Roll 2017 – Video Impressions

Surf’n’Roll 2016 – Video Impressions