Camino Surfcamp Morocco – the best rated Surfcamp in Morocco!

  • Season:September, 1st 2024 – May, 18th 2025
  • Surfing Sidi Ifni in the South of Morocco
  • No crowds as we are far away from the busy area of Taghazoute
  • Only 50m from the beach with beach- and reef-breaks
  • Small Surfcamp with familiar atmosphere
  • Very consistent waves from November until April
  • Enjoy summer in winter: temperatures in the mid-20ies
  • Surfing classes for all levels
  • Different accommodation options for all budgets
  • Ocean-view roof-top terrace with Sahara-tent, sun-chairs and beanbags
  • Table-tennis, Indo-Board, Skateboards, Bikes
  • Free WiFi (ultrafast) and public Internet-PC
  • Surf-theater, surf-library, tabletop-games, Playstation 4


Camino Surfcamp Morocco Surfer on Camel and Stoked Intermediate Surfer EN

When the first decent low pressure systems arrive over the northern atlantic and send cold and grey weather over Europe – then it’s time to follow the waves and the sun southwards. To Morocco, the “kingdom of the West”. A country filled with impressive contrasts. Besides the cultural diversity, the diversified landscape, the unmatched hospitality of the locals and their delicious cuisine, we have chosen this place mainly because of two things: waves and weather.

Camino Surfcamp Morocco Oceanview Terrace Team and Tabletennis EN

An average of 330 days of sun per year with mild temperatures and very consistent waves between November and April are valid and sound arguments for exchanging winter’s frost for summerlike wave-experience. Perfectly peeling point-breaks for the advanced surfer and convenient beach breaks for the beginner – with water temperatures around 20 degree – that’s winter in Morocco.

Camino Surfcamp Morocco Hammocks Theory Class EN

About 160km south of Agadir you find the Camino Surfcamp Morocco in the city of Sidi Ifni. Far away from the already overcrowded stretch of Taghazoute/Tamrakht, literally this is a surfer’s dream coming true: Next to the very consistent reef-break on the doorstep of our hotel there is the famous right-hander “Promenades” about 10min walk away. On the bigger days there is a protected left-handed-wave breaking over reef about 5min with the car. Even if the swell’s pumping and the waves are firing, there are never many people in the water. That’s why here it’s all about: surfing and relaxing!

Sidi Ifni itself offers a beautiful time-travel as its architecture with colorful fountains, little squares and elegant stairways reminds of the not so distant Spanish history. However, as not everything is well kept of the Iberian remains, many buildings are in different states of dilapidation. Still, it’s worth the walk. Look out for the beautiful blue-patterned art-deco mosque. 


Camino Surfcamp Shared Apartment Dorm EN


Your best choice if you are traveling by yourself or with a companion is the Camino Surfcamp Morocco’s shared Apartment option: You sleep in a dorm-room and share the kitchen and bathrooms with other guests. For couples, upgrading to a two-bed-room (either with two single-beds or with a double-bed) might be of interest. The shared apartments are equipped with a kitchen and two bathrooms (European style) and host up to ten people max. Just around the corner you find a grocery store, a bakery as well as a cafe and a restaurant. Free Wifi available.


 Camino Surfcamp Hotel Double-bedroom and Bathroom EN


You are looking for some privacy and enjoy a good quality room? Head for the hotel-rooms: there are two-bedrooms, double-bedrooms and single-rooms available. Each room is equipped with a european-style toilet and a TV.
The hotel is situated in the same block of buildings as the surfcamp. From hotel-door to surfcamp-door it’s less than 40m. You don’t even have to cross a street.
Just around the corner you find a grocery store, a bakery as well as a cafe and a restaurant. You might want to add our 7’6″-Culinario-Package and enjoy european and moroccan delicacies at Camino Surfcamp Morocco. Free Wifi available. 


 Camino Surfcamp Morocco Apartment Teaser-Pic with view of the salon and a bedroom with double-bed


In case you are checking in with a bunch of surf-buddies, the apartment-option at Camino Surfcamp Morocco might be the way to go. The apartments offer two twin-bedrooms as well as a salon with extra-sleeping opportunities.  In the kitchen you might want to reveal your inner chef and whip up some tasty meals.
The apartments are situated in the same block of buildings as the surfcamp. You don’t even have to cross a street.
Just around the corner of the Camino Surfcamp Morocco you find a grocery store, a bakery as well as a cafe and a restaurant. Free Wifi is available in the Camp lounge. 


Camino Surfcamp Morocco Surflesson Theory Watercam EN

Thanks to our long-time expertise with surfcamps, we are able to guarantee top-notch surfcourses! Our motivated surf-coaches are internationally trained and well experienced. You can also just rent out surf-equipment and head out by yourself. We offer surf-classes for different skill-levels:

Camino Surf Morocco Beginner Surfsession Watercam EN 


From the very first day, we will pave your way in becoming an independent and knowing surfer. Thanks to our sophisticated training methodology, advances come easily and naturally, starting off with the very basics like paddling and catching broken waves and progressing to surf the “green” wave towards the end of the course. An ideal student-teacher ratio, a safe and fun environment as well as our highly motivated and experienced staff will get you on board in no time. The daily surf-sessions are complemented by indispensable lessons on the most important aspects of surf-theory, including wind, waves, tides, currents, surfing-equipment, rules in surfing, and more. The video analysis, an integral part of our professional training, enables you to watch yourself surfing and, together with our instructors, allows you to discover spots for improvement. On the sixth day, you are very much invitited to join us for a free-surfing-session where you can put all your new acquired skills into practice – at no extra charges, of course. 

Camino Surfcamp Morocco Intermediate Surfer and Watercam Shot EN


“How come I always nose-dive when I am trying to take-off on the unbroken wave?” Join in on Camino Surfcamp Morocco’s Intermediate Surf Course and let our professional surf-coaches help you improve your surfing-skills: correct posture, positioning, timing – to get the most out of your surf-session you need to bring a lot of things to perfection… The objectives of this course include the easy take-off in 4ft swell and going “down-the-line”, correct timing and positioning as well as techniques for paddling, duck-diving, and catching waves more easily. We will give away a variety of useful tips and tricks on how to improve your surfing-skills. 

Camino Surfcamp Morocco advaned surfing with a topturn and a cover up EN


You have already mastered the basics of surfing and now you want to put more power and speed in your turns, drop into bigger waves with more confidence and get started with your first manoeuvres? Then you should give Camino Surfcamp Morocco’s advanced surfing course a go. Together with our experienced and motivated instructors, you will spot points for improvement in all stages or surfing according to your skill level: from taking-off to carving into a snap. There are many different surfboards in a variety of shapes and sizes on offer, ready to be explored and tested. The objectives of the advanced surf course are assessed individually and are geared to your personal surf-needs and interests. 


The following services are included in the course-fee:

  • About three hours water-time per day
  • About one hour theory per day
  • Equipment: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Leash, Surfwax. The equipment is available after the classes at no additional costs.
  • Free-Surf-Day: If you book the 5-day course or more, an additional free-surf-day is included
  • Videoanalysis
  • Pictures of the week
  • Spot-Transfers: if the conditions on the homebeach are not suitable
  • Accident- and Liability-insurance


  • The equipment is available after the classes at no additional costs!
  • Sunday is the day-off for our team: therefor we do not offer surf-courses on Sundays!
  • Due to safety-reasons we do not rent out equipment to total beginners without taking a surf-course
  • You should be in good health and be able to swim
  • Requirement for Intermediate-course: You should have some surfing-experience (at least 3 days of surfing-classes)
  • Requirement for Advanced-course: You should be able to reach the line-up safely and confidently and master the take-off in up to 4ft swell (1.2 m)


Camino Surfcamp Morocco Breakfast Buffet and Couscous plate EN


If you prefer not to worry about preparing food, you are very welcome to let Camino Surfcamp Morocco’s Catering Team regale you with healthy and yummy surf-food. You may book full-board on a daily basis or you go for the 7’6″er Culinario-Package which includes: 7x Breakfast with packed lunch and 6x dinner. Naturally, vegetarian cuisine will be provided on request.

The breakfast includes: fruits, vegetables, cereals, yoghurt, milk, orange-juice, tea, coffee, three types of bread, croissants, cheese, cold-cut, bread-spread, tuna, eggs, jam, honey, amlou (moroccan kind of peanut-butter), dates, and every day a different morning-special (Avocado-Banana-Shake, scrambled-eggs, etc.)

The dinner at Camino Surfcamp Morocco includes at least three courses (salad, main-course, desert) – sometimes even more. We offer meals from the Moroccan and International cuisine in an All-You-Can-Eat manner. Especially before and after a long day of surfing, there’s nothing more important than to replenish your nutrient balance. 

 Camino Surfcamp Morocco Food Restaurant Tajine Grill EN


There are some opportunities to get in touch with the local cuisine like the renowned and top-rated restaurant “Nomad” – just a stone’s throw from the Camino Surfcamp Morocco – where you will not only taste the best food Sidi Ifni has to offer but also enjoy an evening of hilarious entertainment with the owner Abdullah.


  • The Culinario-package is not bookable in advance but you can opt for it on site.
  • There is no dinner in the camp on Sundays – that’s when we usually go dining out
  • You suffer gluten-/ lactose-/ histamine or similar intolerances? No worries. We’ll sort you out! Depending on your requests, an additional fee might apply


Camino Surfcamp Galicia transport flight oldtimer aircraft EN


The closest airports to the Camino Surfcamp Morocco are:

  • Agadir (AGA): about 2,5 hours drive from the camp
  • Marrakech (RAK): about 5 hours drive from the camp

We can organize Airport-Transfers from these two airports:

  • Agadir: 70,- EUR
  • Marrakech: 165,- EUR
  • For transfers between 21:00 and 08:00 an additional fee of 15,- EUR applies
  • The transfer-fee is calculated per way and is shared amongst the passengers.

Search for your flight with

Camino Surfcamp Galicia transport Volkswagen transporter steeringwheel EN


In case you are arriving by car to the Camino Surfcamp Morocco, just let your GPS-device or smartphone navigate you to the following coordinates:

  • Decimal Degrees: 29.378350, -10.178307
  • Degree, Min., Sek.: N29 22 42, W10 10 41
  • Degree, Decimal Min.: N 29 22.701, W 10 10.698

Upgrade your smartphone to an offline GPS-device (no internet needed) with

In case you want to book a rental car, we suggest

Camino Surfcamp Galicia public transport beach transfer EN


You can also arrive by public transport from the airports Agadir and Marrakech to the Camino Surfcamp Morocco. For detailed information on which route to take, just get in contact with us.



Here you can find all there is on offer incl. prices (VAT included):



The Camino Surfcamp Morocco Packages consist of one week accommodation in the shared apartment or in the hotel and a five-days (20 hours) surfcourse at the level of your choice. Optionally you can book our 7’6″ Culinario-package. Prices are per week and per person.


Choose from various lodging options at Camino Surfcamp Morocco: the shared apartment with its 6-bed-dorm-room and the two-person or double-bed-room – or the apartment with two 2-person-rooms, salon, kitchen and two bathrooms (extra-bed available on request): ideal for 4-5 people. Optionally you might go for the hotel in a single- or double/twin-room. Prices are, unless stated otherwise, per person and per week.


Prices include: practice and theory lessons, surf board (wide choice of boards for different levels), wetsuit, beach-transfers (if needed), accident- and liability-insurance and in the five-day (20h) or ten days (40 hours) courses one or two video analysis. The equipment is also available outside course hours without extra charge.


If you already have some surfing experience, you are also welcome to rent out equipment. We have a broad range of different surf boards for different waves and skill levels as well as many wetsuits from O’Neill on offer here at Camino Surfcamp Morocco.


You can either take breakfast and packed lunch and dinner on a daily basis or opt for the 7’6″er Culinario-Package which includes: 7x Breakfast with packed lunch and 6x dinner. Naturally, vegetarian cuisine will be provided on request. On Sundays we do not offer dinner in the camp – that’s when we head for one of the local restaurants close to the camp. The Culinario-package cannot be booked in advance but you might want to add it to your package once you are here in the Camino Surfcamp Morocco.


The two main airports, Agadir (AGA) and Marrakech (RAK), are both well connected by a number of airlines. We pick you up and drop you off at the airport. The fee is divided among the passengers and therefor to be payed on site. Public transport is also available.

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The Camino Surfcamp in Sidi Ifni, Morocco is the perfect hideout for your crowd-free wave-hunting holiday in the South. Summerly temperatures in winter, familiar atmosphere and top notch surf courses. No crowds!