Camino Surfcamp Galicia – the best rated Surfcamp in the North of Spain!

  • Season: May, 12th – October, 20th 2024
  • Surfing and relaxing in Valdoviño, one of the most beautiful places in Spain
  • The most swell-consistent surfspot in Europe
  • Best rated Surfcamp in Galicia
  • Surfing classes for all levels. Also for kids.
  • Different accommodation options for all budgets
  • Only 300m from the beach (with ocean-view!)
  • Yoga, Shiatsu, Wellness-Packages
  • Common-Area with fire-place
  • Chill-Out Area with hammocks and beanbags
  • Table-tennis, Table-top football, Indo-Board, Slack-Line, Mountainbikes, Skateboards
  • Swimming-Pool
  • Free WiFi (ultrafast) and public Internet-PC
  • Surf-theater, surf-library, tabletop-games


Camino Surfcamp Spain Galicia Camp Area and Ben Surfing

Galicia, located in the uttermost northwest of Spain, was considered the end of the world – Finisterrae – until the discovery of the Americas. Up to now, this remote part of the Iberian peninsula is widely untroubled by the effects of mass-tourism and therefor still considered an insider tip.

Girl on Beanbag smiling and two Musicians playing Guitar and saxophone in the garden

The Camino Surfcamp Galicia is situated on a small, well-kept campsite and offers different accommodation-options. The bathroom facilities are right next to the camp and get cleaned on a daily basis. There is a small supermarket, a restaurant, and a pizzeria right next to the Surfcamp as well as two more supermarkets and several Cafés and restaurants in walking distance.

Kitchen and Channel and Person on Indo-Board in the Camp-garden

If you still got some power left after the surf-sessions, you might burn off your excess energy with Table-Tennis, Indo-Boarding, Skateboarding, or you get yourself on one of our Mountainbikes to explore the fascinating hinterland of Valdoviño. Also, you can let your mind wander while you relax in one of the hammocks or get connected to the “outside-world” on the Camp-Computer with Internet-connection.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia Beach group of surf-students with teacher and ping-pong in the camp-garden

Our nutritious surf dinner provides for your physical well-being and in the evenings you can set out on discovering the pubs and bars of Valdoviño or chill-out in the camp, watching a video in our surf-cinema… Hang loose!


Glamorous Camping in our Glamping Temples


Glamping = glamorous camping. Don’t expect some shitty-small-plastic-Iglou-cave but be prepared to find the perfect Beduin-luxus-glamping-temple. Built upon a robust and leveled wooden floor, you can stand up inside the tent. There are two beds readily prepared with fresh sheets and a pillow as well as plenty of storage area for your luggage. There is power-connection available as well as a stylish, moroccan bedside lamp. You just have to bring your own sleeping-bag (or rent one of ours).




Make yourself at home in one of Camino Surfcamp Galicia’s fully furnished apartments, just around the corner from the Surfcamp and within a five minute walk from the beach. The cheerful apartments are equipped with kitchen, bathroom and a living room. You stay in a shared bedroom. If desired, you might want to opt for a 2-person-room (two individual beds) or a single-room-upgrade.


 Surf Hostel Surfcamp Galicia


Right next to the Surfcamp, the Surf Hostel offers different room-options: Either you opt for the dorm-rooms (three or four surfers per room with bunkbeds) or you want to go for twin-rooms (two individual beds) or book a room just for yourself. There are three shared bathrooms available.
In case you want to get the full experience, take the ocean-view-suite with private-bathroom. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a common-area and a huge garden with BBQ at your disposal. Don’t miss out to relax on the rooftop-terrace and enjoy unmatched views of the home-beach…

Free Wifi and daily cleaning service included! 


 Apartments in different sizes for 2-3 people or 4-5 people


There are two types of apartments available at Camino’s Surfcamp Galicia: the ones accommodating up to three people (one bedroom with two beds or doublebed, one eat-in kitchen with an extra-bed, bathroom), or the bigger ones, suited for up to five people (one bedroom with two single-beds, one bedroom with a bunk-bed and a single-bed, living-room, kitchen, bathroom).


Bungalows available in three sizes


There are three types of Bungalows available at Camino’s Surfcamp Galicia: the small ones for up to 3 people, the medium ones for up to 5 people and the large ones for up to 7 people. The convenient bungalows are equipped with a porch, kitchen, bathroom and a dining-area. They are perfectly suited for groups and families.



Camino Surfcamp Galicia Beginners Surfcourse with Theory lesson

Thanks to our long-time expertise with surfcamps, we are able to guarantee top-notch surf-courses! Our motivated surf-coaches are internationally trained and well experienced. You can also just rent out surf-equipment and head out by yourself. At Camino Surfcamp Galicia, we offer surf-classes for different skill-levels:

Camino Surfcamp Galicia Beginner Surfcourse with Group photo


From the very first day, we will pave your way in becoming an independent and knowing surfer. Thanks to our sophisticated training methodology, advances come easily and naturally, starting off with the very basics like paddling and catching broken waves and progressing to surf the “green” wave towards the end of the course. An ideal student-teacher ratio, a safe and fun environment as well as our highly motivated and experienced staff will get you on board in no time. The daily surf-sessions are complemented by indispensable lessons on the most important aspects of surf-theory, including wind, waves, tides, currents, surfing-equipment, rules in surfing, and more. The video analysis, an integral part of our professional training, enables you to watch yourself surfing and, together with our instructors, allows you to discover spots for improvement. On the sixth day, you are very much invitited to join us for a free-surfing-session where you can put all your new acquired skills into practice – at no extra charges, of course.


Camino Surfcamp Galicia Intermediate Surfclasses EN


“How come I always nose-dive when I am trying to take-off on the unbroken wave?” Join in on Camino Surfcamp Galicia’s Intermediate Surf Course and let our professional surf-coaches help you improve your surfing-skills: correct posture, positioning, timing – to get the most out of your surf-session you need to bring a lot of things to perfection… The objectives of this course include the easy take-off in 4ft swell and going “down-the-line”, correct timing and positioning as well as techniques for paddling, duck-diving, and catching waves more easily. We will give away a variety of useful tips and tricks on how to improve your surfing-skills.


Camino Surfcamp Advanced Surfcourse Chris Topturn EN


You have already mastered the basics of surfing and now you want to put more power and speed in your turns, drop into bigger waves with more confidence and get started with your first manoeuvres? Then you should give our advanced surfing course a go. Together with our experienced and motivated instructors, you will spot points for improvement in all stages or surfing according to your skill level: from taking-off to carving into a snap. There are many different surfboards in a variety of shapes and sizes on offer, ready to be explored and tested. The objectives of the advanced surf course are assessed individually and are geared to your personal surf-needs and interests.



The following services are included in the course-fee:

  • About three hours water-time per day
  • About one hour theory per day
  • Equipment: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Leash, Surfwax. The equipment is available after the classes at no additional costs.
  • Free-Surf-Day: If you book the 5-day course or more, an additional free-surf-day is included
  • Videoanalysis
  • Pictures of the week
  • Spot-Transfers: if the conditions on the homebeach are not suitable
  • Accident- and Liability-insurance
  • Camp-Shirt:If you book the 5-day course or more, you get a super-awesome, Fair-Trade, Organic-Cotton Camino-T-Shirt!


  • The equipment is available after the classes at no additional costs!
  • Sunday is the day-off for our team: therefor we do not offer surf-courses on Sundays!
  • Due to safety-reasons we do not rent out equipment to total beginners without taking a surf-course
  • You should be in good health and be able to swim
  • Requirement for Intermediate-course: You should have some surfing-experience (at least 3 days of surfing-classes)
  • Requirement for Advanced-course: You should be able to reach the line-up safely and confidently and master the take-off in up to 4ft swell (1.2 m)


Camino Surfcamp Galicia Culinario Package Breakfast Dinner EN


Our Catering-Queen constitutes a fundamental member of the Camino Surfcamp Galicia family and looks after the physical well-being of our surfers by replenishing their carbohydrate reserves through fully-fledged yummy Surf-Food. From a hearty breakfast in the morning, where you also prepare your packed lunch for your day on the beach, to the well-balanced dinner at night you should lack for nothing more. You may book full-board on a daily basis or you go for the 7’6″ Culinario-Package which includes: 7x Breakfast with packed lunch and 6x dinner. Naturally, vegetarian cuisine will be provided on request.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia Burger and Kitchen EN


If you opt for the shared apartment, apartment, bungalow or the Surf-Hostel, you have a fully-equipped kitchen at hand. If you have booked the glamping-temple there is no option for self-catering available. 

Camino Surfcamp Galicia Javi Restaurant Paella Dinner EN


There are many opportunities to get in touch with the local cuisine like the renowned Café and restaurant “Javi’s”, just 50m from Camino’s Surfcamp Galicia, which is well frequented by the local people as well. There are a couple of more restaurants within walking distance from the camp where you can indulge in Galician culinary masterpieces.


  • The Culinario-package is not bookable in advance but you can opt for it on site.
  • There is no dinner in at Camino’s Surfcamp Galicia on Sundays – that’s when we usually go dining out
  • You suffer gluten-/ lactose-/ histamine or similar intolerances? No worries. We’ll sort you out! Depending on your requests, an additional fee might apply


Manu and Noe ripping in Valdovino and Bjoern is showing thumbs up EN


Your kids are hot about surfing? Don’t hold them back but let them develop a feeling for the sea in a safe and fun environment. Here at Camino Surfcamp Galicia, we offer courses specially designed for kids from 7 to 14 years of age. Your loved ones will gently and playfully learn the basics of surfing in small groups while our instructors watch them carefully and ensure maximum safety at all times. Our water-lessons, all held in waist-deep water or inside the protected lagoon, are loosened up by fun lessons on surfing-techniques and the ocean or just fooling around on the beach.

Camino Surfcamp Kidscourse Surfing Smiling

All of our instructors are approved ISA-surf-instructors and certified life savers. We provide the kids with suitable soft-boards and wetsuits. The kids are not required to be strong swimmers but should feel confident in the water. The course consists of five days, with about three hours every day. The objectives of the kids-course are to develop a basic connection to the sea and the waves, feeling confident in swell of about 1 – 1.5 ft (about half meter), managing the first stand-ups and short rides – and above them all: having fun on the beach!


The following services are included in Camino Surfcamp Galicia’s course-fee:

  • About 1,5 hours water-time per day
  • About 30min theory or frolicking on the beach per day
  • Equipment: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Leash, Surfwax
  • Accident- and Liability-insurance


  • Minimum age: 7 years
  • Due to safety-reasons the equipment is only available during surfing-classes
  • Sunday is the day-off for our team: therefor we do not offer surf-courses on Sundays!
  • You should be in good health and be able to swim at least 15m

Camino Surfcamp Spain Child Care Teaser Picture


Need somebody to watch after your loved ones while you are surfing? No worries – we offer a care-package for your kiddies which allows you to delve into the liquid element and fully concentrate on the waves. Depending on the weather, we either spend a playful day outside or indoors. We focus on creativity, music and movement as well as the experience of the beach and the sea.


  • Minimum age: 2 years
  • Available in July and August
  • Time: during surf course hours and upon request also at other times.
  • Sunday is the day-off for our team: therefor we do not offer child care on Sundays!


Camino Surfcamp SurfnRoll Musicians Ocean Jamsession EN

SURF’N’ROLL MUSIC-WORKSHOP:    29.8. – 5.9.2024

The Surf’n’Roll workshop enjoys highest reputation: Christoph Mallinger and his team (Chris Kronreif, Andreas Tentschert, all very experienced and professional musicians) together with the Caminosurf team will mix the right Surf’n’Roll cocktail at the Camino Surfcamp Galicia for you. Ingredients: Music, surfing, fun, rhythm, improvisation, timing, nature, sun, sea, waves, sounds, motivation, soul, spirit, training, enthusiasm, passion…

Camino Surfcamp Galicia SurfnRoll Saxophone Karaoke EN

Surf’n’Roll brings together surfing and music – a combination rooted deeply within the ancient polynesian tradition of waveriding and nowadays even known to the furthest landlocked longshore lubber thanks to Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ USA” and Jack Johnson, to name a few. In practicing both, you will experience the positive influence of a clear sense of rhythm when learning new sequences of motion, which is just one of the most obvious effects.
Music and surfing are inexhaustible sources of inspiration and motivation, sharing the one most important factor: both are heaps of fun! And this is what every Surf’n’Roll workshop is built around.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia SurfnRoll Guitar playing girls Karaoke EN

This workshop at Camino Surfcamp Galicia is tailored specifically to the needs and wants of you, the participants. Instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels are welcome.
We will work on known and famous songs and standards, and will offer you tips and tricks to write your own songs, arrange them for ensemble and improvise over them.



Camino Surfcamp Galicia Yoga Session EN


Summer, surfing, beach and Yoga – what a great combination. Start your day with more energy and be stronger in the water. After the surf-sessions you relax and sooth your tense and tired muscled during our extended yoga sessions. You put your body and mind to rest and as your nose gets rid of the last nose-drippings you are mentally and physically ready for the next wave.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia’s yoga classes are designed for everybody to experience his personal limits. A step-by-step introduction for Beginners with detailed explanations of the exercises ease the entry for newcomers. Also advanced Yogi will benefit from the courses through demanding variations and combinations. The Yoga-schedule is adjusted to the surf-course time-table.

Camino Surfcamp Galicia Shiatsu Massage Heidi Artl EN


Our Shiatsu therapies are well sought after – especially after a long day of surfing, the therapist can restore your bodily balance through pressing the meridians, compressions and extensions or with amendatory techniques


 Camino Surfcamp Galicia transport flight oldtimer aircraft EN


The closest airports to the Camino Surfcamp Galicia are:

  • La Coruña (LCG): about 45min drive from the camp
  • Santiago de Compostela (SCQ): about 1h15min from the camp

We can organize Airport-Transfers from these two airports:

  • La Coruña: 69,- EUR
  • Santiago de Compostela: 104,- EUR
  • For transfers between 21:00 and 08:00 an additional fee of 16,- EUR applies
  • The transfer-fee is calculated per way and is shared amongst the passengers.

Search for your flight with

Camino Surfcamp Galicia transport Volkswagen transporter steeringwheel EN


In case you are arriving to the Camino Surfcamp Galicia by car, just let your GPS-device or smartphone navigate you to the camp. Either by simply clicking the following link (redirecting to google-maps): Get Directions

or by entering the following coordinates:

  • Decimal Degrees: 43.61225 -8.149917
  • Degree, Min., Sek.: N43° 36′ 44.1″ W8° 8′ 59.7″
  • Degree, Decimal Min.: N43° 36.735 W8° 08.995

Upgrade your smartphone to an offline GPS-device (no internet needed) with

In case you want to book a rental car, we suggest

Camino Surfcamp Galicia public transport beach transfer EN


You can also arrive by public transport to the Camino Surfcamp Galicia from the airports La Coruña and Santiago de Compostela. Find detailed information on which route to take in our Info PDF


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Here you can find all there is on offer incl. prices (VAT included):

Our seasons as follows:


One week accommodation at Camino Surfcamp Galicia in the glamping temple or in the shared apartment and a five day/20 hrs surfcourse at the level of your choice. You might also consider taking the 7’6″ Culinario Package (with 7x breakfast and packed lunch and 6x dinner) which can be booked on site. Single-glamping: +90,- EUR; Double-room: +25,- EUR; Single-room: +99,- EUR


Our comfortable, handmade two-person Beduin-tents in classic arabic style are built upon a solid wooden floor and are equipped with two snugly beds with mattresses incl. linen and pillow. You just have to bring a sleeping bag along (you can also rent one out on site). You have power-supply and a stylish moroccan reading-light as well.WiFi available in the common-tent. Prices are per person and per week.


You are looking for a roof over your head but want to limit your expenses? Take the Shared Apartment option at Camino Surfcamp Galicia! You stay in a 4-bed-dormitory and share the bathroom, kitchen and salon with other surfers. WiFi is available in the apartments! Prices are per person and per week.


Choose between the dorm-room, twin-room or single-room. All rooms share three showers and toilets. Or you might want to go for the ocean-view-twin-room with private bathroom? Free Wifi is available in the Surf Hostel. Prices are per person and per week.


There are two kinds of apartments available: you might want to opt for a small apartment, accommodating up to three people, or a large apartment, suited for up to five people. All Apartments at Camino Surfcamp Galicia are equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom. WiFi is available in the apartments! Prices are per apartment and per week.


Our bungalows accommodate up to six people in a single-, double-bed and  three-bed-rooms with bunk-bed. Three kinds of bungalows are on offer: for 2-3 people, for 4-5 people and for 6 people. There is a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, a toilet and a dining-area at your disposal. Perfectly suited for families with children and groups. Prices are per Bungalow per week.


Prices include: practice and theory lessons, surf board (wide choice of boards for different levels), wetsuit, beach-transfers (if needed), accident- and liability-insurance and in the five-day (20h) or ten days (40 hours) courses: video analysis and our Fair-Trade Camp-T-Shirt. The equipment is also available outside course hours without extra charge.


If you already have some surfing experience, you are also welcome to rent out equipment. We have a broad range of different surf boards for different waves and skill levels as well as many wetsuits from O’Neill on offer.


You can either take breakfast and packed lunch and dinner on a daily basis or opt for the 7’6″er Culinario-Package which includes: 7x Breakfast with packed lunch and 6x dinner. Naturally, vegetarian cuisine will be provided on request. On Sundays we do not offer dinner in the camp – that’s when we head for one of the local restaurants close to the camp. The Culinario-package cannot be booked in advance but you might want to add it to your package once you are here in the Camino Surfcamp Galicia.


The two main airports in Galicia, Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) and A Coruña (LCQ), are both well connected by a number of airlines. We pick you up and drop you off at the airport. The fee is divided among the passengers and therefor to be payed on site. Public transport is also available to the Camino Surfcamp Galicia.


Assemble your individual Yoga-package. Our Yoga-classes are coordinated with the Surf-sessions.


SURF’N’ROLL – 29.8 – 5.9.2024

Sport meets music. Three professional jazz musicians join the Camino Surf Team, and together we combine music- and improvisation-classes with surf lessons.  7 nights accommodation and 6 days workshop .  Single-glamping: +90,- EUR; Double-room: +25,- EUR; Single-room: +99,- EUR

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